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LPG Bulk Business

SSGC LPG (Pvt.) Limited (SLL) Bulk Business caters to industrial usage of meeting fuel consumption by providing LPG through an efficient fleet to customers in bulk tanks installed at their premises and ensure safely replenishment through an efficient fleet of LPG road tankers. Generally these industries are using other fuels like furnace oil, kerosene, high speed diesel (HSD), light diesel oil (LDO), rice husk, wood, electricity or natural gas but want the security, economy and reliability of SLL Bulk.

SLL Bulk has the properties to cater applications like catering, annealing, metal treatment, chillers, grain drying, poultry rearing, CO2 enrichment, green houses, singeing, steam generation, furnaces and forklift trucks. Presently SLL is also working upon providing energy needs as an alternate fuel to natural gas through LPG Air Mix plants as a complete standby system against natural gas shortages based on interruptible tariffs. This allows industrial and commercial users to be in control of their own energy supplies and not be subject to load- shedding.

SLL with its well qualified and experienced technical staff would ensure that all your queries, issues and Back up support services are dealt in professional manner. Since LPG products are to be dealt in a safe manner, SLL would assist you from the project inception by giving you the correct advice in location of storage tanks and the LPG system so that your installation is in line with the internationally recognized safety codes and local regulations.

SLL Bulk offers complete solution to industrial and commercial customers who suffer due to load-shedding of Natural Gas, Electricity and are facing pressure problem and production loss. We offer guaranteed and interruptible supplies throughout the year.